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When asked how he created his masterpiece, Michelangelo said, "It was easy. You just chip away that which does not look like David." What if our lives are our masterpiece? What if we chipped away all that was unnecessary, all the clutter and the busyness, and focused on that which really mattered - our passions and our relationships.

Maura Malloy.

woman | writer | wife | mama | minimalist 

I require a serene space. For sanity's sake. So I can write, relax, de-stress and enjoy quality time with my family. And honestly, I use organizing to destress. Some people go for a run. I organize a closet. Then I buy a new plant. And I take a deep breath. Simple and beautiful - my ideal recipe. The world outside my door moves fast. It's busy and it's uncertain. So I to strive to make my home my haven. A serene space is as important to my health as sleep, veggies and laughter.